Growing Naturally


Farming is a family business for Mary Oldham and Francisco “Chico” Ramirez, the husband-wife team that owns and operates Mountain Harvest Farm, located just a few miles outside of Morgantown, WV. Mary and Chico run the vegetable farm together and spend many of their days working side-by-side. Mountain Harvest officially got its start at the beginning of 2013, but both Mary and Chico had been involved in farming for many years before founding their own farm. Mary began learning about farming while working in her university’s garden, and Chico was running his family’s farm in Honduras, when he and Mary met during her stint in the Peace Corps.

Mountain Harvest is an organic farm, something that was important to Mary and Chico from the beginning. When Mary and Chico moved to Mary’s hometown of Morgantown, their values and the local demand for organic products made the decision to farm organically an easy one. “It was what we wanted to do in terms of philosophy, and also the market for it’s getting stronger,” says Mary. Morgantown, a university city, is one of the largest cities in the state and has a population that is interested in supporting organic agriculture.

This year, Mountain Harvest is expanding in multiple ways. The farm itself is getting larger, going from two acres to three. Mary and Chico are also increasing the number of memberships available in their CSA (learn more about CSA’s) and are planning to sell at two farmers markets each week, instead of one.

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